Baslow edge nursery
  • Our baby room

    Within our baby room we take children aged from 12 months to 2 years. We work closely with parents to accommodate each baby’s individual and unique routine. Unlike many nurseries, we do not have a dedicated sleep time but instead we listen to your views and your routine and encourage sleep periods around this.

    Every baby has their own communication diary and their key person informs the parents of their baby’s day. We also add photos and observations to our online learning journal, Tapestry, updating parents about their child’s development. Communication is very much a two-way process and we strongly value our parents contributions.

    We provide a wide range of activities to suit your baby’s level of development and interests. We encourage all the children to use all their senses and we wholeheartedly promote the importance of communication, encouraging, for example, snacks and meal times to be a sociable occasion when we will often meet together within the wider family group.

  • Our Pre-School Room

    Your little cub will spend more time with our …… and ……. From approximately 2 years of age. At this age the children are encouraged to learn by playing and exploring, being physically active and through creative and critical thinking both inside and outside. A strong emphasis is placed on developing key communication and language skills, physical dexterity, and emotional regulation. We follow children’s interests and provide more experiences in the wider community to help children learn about the world around them. It is at this age that your children will participate in forest school sessions.

    Our den is arranged to encourage children to become more independent and focus on their self-help skills such as making choices, potty training, toileting, and following simple instructions. The children may start to join in with large group carpet time activities and some may even wish to join in with our special activities, such as yoga, signing and baking.

    Staff will keep you informed of your child’s day through daily interactions and our online learning journal.

  • From 3 years of age your child will be strongly encouraged to join in with our exciting range of special daily activities. These activities, along with our carefully planned continuous provision and adult led groups will continue to build on your child’s independence, self-help skills, self-confidence, and natural curiosity to experiment, explore, test ideas, and solve problems.

    Our focus is on developing strong social skills, independence, and emotional literacy to support the next phase of learning. We also strongly encourage the sharing of experiences from home to nursery and from nursery to home, to reinforce links in your child’s learning.

    We work collaboratively with the local schools to share information, plan visits and activities which will ensure the best possible transition experience for your child when the time comes to continue their learning journey.