• We truly see every child as unique and we strive to fully understand all the amazing and brilliant little idiosyncrasies which makes your child the special little person they are.
  • It is by embracing these differences that we are able to provide and plan activities to enable your little one to progress and thrive. However, in order to thrive every child and their family must feel safe and secure. At BEN every decision we make is made solely in the best interests of the child and their family. 


  • We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage as prescribed by the Department of Education.
  • We provide a balance of planned and free play activities based upon the interests of your child and we fully embrace the importance of outdoor learning. At BEN our older children spend as much time (if not more!) learning within the wider grounds as they do within the nursery room. All of our children are encouraged to become independent, confident, involved, and happy learners.

    Our curriculum provides children with meaningful and fun experiences which aim to develop your child into a confident, happy and resilient little learner who is able to think for themselves, make sensible choices and demonstrate empathy and understanding of those around them.

    At BEN we see ourselves very much as one big family. Our large room and family ethos also encourages all the different ages to learn from each other. The experiences we offer are multi-sensory and promote communication and language, social and emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, and resilience.

    We encourage parental involvement and welcome parents to contribute to our weekly curriculum plan. It is by working together that we are able to fully meet your child’s unique needs.